Bedside Harpist Visits Long Term Care

The Foundation sponsors Bedside Harpist to provide music for the Medical Center’s long term care residents on a monthly basis.

Bedside Harpist was established in 2002 by Edie Elkan as Bedside Harp, and is now a featured service for Pennsylvania and New Jersey hospital and healthcare facilities. The harpists are very experienced and play for the Medical Center’s residents at their bedside or in the long term care dayrooms. The beautiful music has already proven to be serene and relaxing for our residents.  The wonderful harp music radiating throughout each unit seems to provide a healing power and soothing experience for residents and staff alike. 

The harpists have shared some of the insights to the positive effects of the music. One harpist noted a resident sitting in a wheelchair looking on with apparent curiosity. The harpist went near to play and he nodded when asked if he would enjoy some music. When the harpist played, he broke out into a big smile and enjoyed some familiar tunes. When the session ended, with a big smile and a soft whisper, he thanked the harpist.

Another resident was in bed and smiled when approached by the harpist. The harpist played several recognizable tunes for her, which brought a warm smile and thank you from her when the session ended.  As the harpist left her room, the resident began to sing some of the songs she had just heard.

The power music and its positive impact on the long term care residents is difficult to measure, but the experiences shared by the harpists from Bedside Harpist have been positive and rewarding. Thank you to The Foundation for sponsoring this uplifting new service.



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