COVID-19 Testing

The screening surveys are open from 8 am – 3pm, 7 days-a-week. Depending on the time you complete your survey, you may experience a 24-hour delay before you are contacted by a COVID-19 testing representative. If you complete the survey over the weekend, you may experience a 48-hour delay before you are contacted by a COVID-19 testing representative.


* This is an Antigen test not a PCR or NAAT test.

  • Have the following available:
    • Insurance cards
    • Government-issued identification
    • A third-party physician’s order, if applicable

You will be connected to Bergen New Bridge Cares, our telehealth service, for further assessment. Please note, depending on the number of testing requests, there may be a 24-hour delay before you are contacted by a COVID-19 testing representative. We do not accept outside orders.

Contact Us


Call the Message Center: 201.967.4333

  1. Do I need a physician order to be tested for COVID-19 if I am symptomatic? You will need a physician order from your primary care physician, or you will need to be evaluated by one of our telehealth providers.

  2. How long until I will get my result? Typically, the results will be available within 5 days for the COVID-19 diagnosis test and about 24 hours for the antibody test.

  3. How will I be notified? You will receive a phone call from 201.967.4000. One of our staff will call you directly with your results. You will be asked to verify your name and date of birth. Copies of results will NOT be sent to your primary care physician. You may request a copy of your results by completing a Release of Information below and submitting to Health Information Management (medical records) at:


    Fax: 201.967.4138

    Voice: 201.225.6799

    Release of Information Form

  4. What should I do between getting tested and being notified of my results? Please follow the Post Test Instructions (click to download) and speak with your primary care or ordering providers. If you have an increase in symptoms or difficulty breathing, please seek immediate medical attention.

  5. Is this covered by insurance?  Yes, it should be covered by your health insurance, but please check with your insurer for further clarification.

  6. Can my physician order these tests for me? Currently, we only accept outside orders for symptomatic patient testing. All asymptomatic testing and antibody testing is by order of a Bergen New Bridge provider only.



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