Bergen New Bridge Medical Center is the First in New Jersey to Offer COVID -19 Vaccine Immunity Response Testing

This new antibody test will help determine levels of COVID-19 immunity for those vaccinated or who had the virus previously

April 12, 2021


Bergen New Bridge Medical Center is excited to announce the addition of in-house chemistry testing for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) IgG Spike protein, semi-quantitative assay.  This COVID-19 antibody testing uses the Abbott platform and has received Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It detects COVID-19 antibodies that are generated as part of the immune response to recent or prior infection or as vaccine response.  Current tests approved for use for antibody testing do not test for antibodies generated from a vaccine. This test will help physicians recognize vaccine generated immunity vs. autoimmunity from prior infection in their patients and is part of the Medical Center’s ongoing effort to expand its scope of services, improve testing result timeframes, and help better serve the needs of its communities. 

“I am proud to continue to lead the way in COVID-19 mitigation and management”, said Bergen New Bridge Medical Center President and CEO, Deborah Visconi. “As we work toward achieving community immunity, this test will become an essential weapon in our COVID-19 arsenal so those who have had the virus, or received the vaccine, can begin to understand and gauge their levels of immunity. This information will be essential to track our continued virus protection as we emerge from this pandemic” 

It is important to note that negative results of this tests do not rule out current COVID-19 infection. Those interested in obtaining this test at Bergen New Bridge Medical Center and have had COVID-19 should wait 15 days or more from the date they first experienced symptoms or, if asymptomatic, from their diagnosis date. The test requires a physician’s prescription. Those interested in getting tested should call 201.225.7130 to schedule an appointment for the test if they already have a prescription for it or to schedule a physician consultation regarding obtaining a test prescription.  


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