Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

Our Intensive Care Unit (ICU) provides specialized treatment for our patients who require critical medical care. Our ICU offers urgent care for acutely ill and injured patients as well as patients who have a planned admission following surgery

Our ICU team is multi-disciplinary, including highly skilled intensive care nurses, doctors, and specialists trained in critical care for patients with significant medical, surgical, and trauma conditions.

Our ICU specializes in providing care for particular health conditions or injuries, including:

  • Major trauma
  • Severe burns
  • Respiratory failure
  • Organ transplants
  • Complex spinal surgery
  • Cardiothoracic surgery
What to Expect in ICU

Our ICU is one of the most critically functioning operational environments in the Medical Center. It is a sterile area with a high concentration of specialized, technical, and monitoring equipment needed to care for Bergen New Bridge’s critically ill patients. This environment can be challenging for some of our patients and their visitors because the activity, sounds, machines, tubes, and monitors can be intimidating.

ICU Equipment

It can be a frightening and uncertain time for you, family, and friends to see people you care about being monitored and supported by machines. In the ICU, you will see many patients connected to a heart monitor. Others will be supported with breathing assistance from artificial ventilators, dialysis machines and receive various intravenous infusions via tubes and drips. Be prepared to see lots of lines, tubes, wires and monitoring equipment. Almost all ICU equipment uses alarms to let our staff know about a change in your loved one’s condition. Not all equipment alarms signal an emergency situation.


Our ICU has an open visitor policy limited to two visitors at a time. Our ICU staff will advise you of any specific visiting restrictions for your loved one.


As intensive care patients are very vulnerable to infections, visitors must wash their hands before entering ICU to prevent transferring disease.

Mobile phones

Mobile phones should be turned off in ICU as they may interfere with vital electrical equipment supporting patients.

Patient And Family Support Services

Pastoral Care

For many people, emotional and spiritual thoughts tend to surface when someone they care about is critical in the hospital. We provide chaplaincy and pastoral counseling services for patients, families and staff who need compassionate, professional and spiritual guidance and support. Some hospitals also have a non-denominational chapel available for times of reflection and prayer.

Interpreter Service

An interpreter service is available for patients and families if English is not your first language. These interpreters are specifically trained to interpret medical terms in other languages. If you have problems understanding doctors explaining information or being asked to provide consent for medical procedures, you must use this service. Speak to ICU staff if you would like to use interpreting services.

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