LGBTQ+ Health & Wellness Center at Bergen New Bridge

The mission of the LGBTQ+ Health & Wellness Center at Bergen New Bridge Medical Center is to connect members of the LGBTQ+ community to medical and mental health services in one location. Our Center is a safe place where those who identify as members of the community can access care, testing, as well as education, in a supportive environment. 


For an appointment, call 201.225.7130

Transgender Health

People of transgender and gender non-binary (TGNB) experience often face widespread discrimination and misunderstanding from providers in health care. As a consequence, many people of transgender experience do not have safe access to primary and preventive health care.

We offer an ongoing relationship with a primary care provider and/or a mental health provider to address the full spectrum of health and wellness needs. We provide overall care coordination including primary care, hormone care, sexually transmitted infection (STI) screenings & treatment, HIV/AIDS testing, treatment, and prevention, including PREP and PEP.

Primary Care Services 

A primary care provider (PCP) is your gateway into the medical system. The PCP is here to take care of you when you have a medical concern or feel unwell. Preventative care such as mental health screenings and interventions, sexual health, and social services all fall under primary care. Your primary care provider will coordinate care with the other providers on your team when needed.

Mental Health Services 

At the Center, we have LGBTQ+ informed licensed professionals who have experience in working with members of the LGBTQ+ community. Individual therapy is available for interested clients. We use an approach of empathy and affirmation to assist clients of all backgrounds in processing how experiences of stigmatization and marginalization have influenced how they treat themselves and others. During the therapeutic work, clients are provided a safe, non-judgmental space in which they can process stressors, facilitate insight, and work towards their personal goals.

Substance Use Disorder Treatment Services 

The Medical Center has many substance use disorder treatment services such as medical detox and inpatient rehabilitation programs. Clients struggling with substance use disorder can be connected with these services through the Center. 

Infectious Disease

Our infectious disease (ID) physicians diagnose and treat diseases caused by micro-organisms, bacteria, and viruses such as HIV and hepatitis. ID specialists play a critical role in treating and preventing infections.

Recognizing Self-Identified Genders/Sexes 

While we recognize self-identified genders/sexes, many insurance companies and legal entities, unfortunately, do not. Please be aware the name and gender you have listed on your insurance information/legal name must be used on documents for insurance, billing, and correspondence purposes. Please tell us your preferred name and pronouns, so we may address you respectfully and appropriately. Our goal is to provide a culturally sound and safe healthcare environment regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, race, or socioeconomic status.