Muhammad Navaid Iqbal, MD, PGY4

I am a PGY- 4 Resident and one of the Chief Residents for the academic year 2017-2018. I graduated from Dow Medical College in Pakistan. After coming to United States, I served as a research coordinator in the Department of Psychiatry & Cardiology at the University of California, San Diego, where I worked on studying the neuro-immune characteristics and cardiac biomarkers in patients with depression and heart disease. I have authored/co-authored numerous research articles, manuscripts, abstracts, and book chapters pertaining to psychiatry and other fields of medicine.

I am fortunate to be a part of the New Bridge Medical Center Psychiatry Residency Program, which is the largest psychiatric facility in the state of New Jersey catering to the needs of thousands of patients suffering from various mental illnesses and addiction problems. This Residency Program offers an unparalleled breadth of diverse clinical experience, with the opportunity to treat patients belonging to diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds. During my residency training, I have gained valuable clinical and research experiences that have honed my skills as a psychiatrist and have allowed me to develop empathy and compassion for my patients.

After graduating, I will be starting my fellowship in Addiction Psychiatry at Columbia University in New York. I have had a greatly rewarding experience in my training at New Bridge Medical Center, in addition to forming relationships with wonderful friends and colleagues. I hope you will consider choosing this program for your psychiatry residency.



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