Patient Property Information

Thank you for choosing Bergen New Bridge Medical Center.  We want your stay during your Acute Inpatient Medical Detox treatment to be as comfortable as possible, and we expect that you will bring some personal items that will help to enable your comfort.  We would prefer, however, that all of your personal belongings fit into one carry on size bag. 


Please be aware of the following guidelines when packing.  Space is limited in each room; please keep that in mind when packing for your stay. Patients should be selective about the items they bring, and all items are brought in at the patient’s full risk.  Bergen New Bridge Medical Center does not accept any responsibility for lost, stolen, or damaged items that are in the patient’s possession or in the patient’s room.  


To Bring

  1. Two forms of identification (one should be a photo ID with Date of Birth)
  2. List of prescribed and over the counter medications, including dosages and frequency with the prescribing physician’s contact information.  Please note: you will not be allowed to keep any medications with you once admitted. Prescriptions, if approved, will be filled by our pharmacy and will be administered by a member of our nursing staff.
  3. Comfortable clothing and sleepwear for 5-7 days.  Washing machines are not available, so please ensure that you have enough clothing for your stay.  It is recommended that you bring the following items:
    1. Shoes: Comfortable shoes for everyday wear and flip flops for the shower
    2. Shirts: Comfortable shirts, long and short sleeves.  Tank tops are not permitted without a shirt or cardigan.  Sweatshirts without a hood or zippers.
    3. Pants: Jeans, leggings, sweatpants.  
    4. Shorts and or skirts: Must be knee length at a minimum 
    5. Socks and undergarments
    6. Pajamas and/or appropriate sleep wear
    7. Bathrobe
    8. Slippers

*Please note the following clothing is prohibited:           

  • Clothing with drug, alcohol, sexual, satanic or gang-related messages
  • Clothing that is revealing such as tube tops, halter tops, fishnet shirts, short shorts/skirts or clothing that Is extremely tight
  • Toiletries and personal hygiene items that do not contain alcohol. Liquids must be unopened and in an original/clear bottle
  • Glasses, contacts, contact solutions (in an unopened, sealed bottle), hearing aids, batteries 
  • Journals and Books. Books preferably should be about recovery or spirituality


Prohibited Items:

All items will be searched before admission to the unit.  The detox staff will be happy to answer any questions concerning items patients can or cannot have on the unit.  

  1. Any items that are prohibited by law
  2. Any substance that could have an intoxicating effect
  3. Drug paraphernalia
  4. Items that could be used as a weapon and/or weapons of any kind
  5. Items that are of high or sentimental value such as jewelry, cash over $10 or credit cards.
  6. Food/Drinks
  7. Bedding/stuffed animals
  8. Electronics/Cell phones/Cameras or recording devices
  9. Computers or any electronic devices that can connect to the internet
  10. Straight razors/hair trimmers
  11. Musical instruments
  12. Perfumes and/or aftershave
  13. Pornographic publications and materials
  14. Playing cards
  15. Keys
  16. Tobacco is prohibited – this is a smoke-free campus
  17. Hair dryers/curling irons/straighteners are not permitted
  18. Candles and incense
  19. Glass containers
  20. Dental floss
  21. Aerosol cans
  22. Sewing equipment
  23. Nail polish/remover
  24. Safety pins, tweezers, nail files and clippers
  25. Fans and/or heaters


Please note: Diabetic patients may not bring their own syringes or insulin.  This will be supplied through our facility.  Diabetic patients may not bring their personal glucometers for use during their stay.  Diabetic patients who are admitted for treatment will be tested by our nursing staff. Exceptions requiring medical approval include glucometers attached to insulin pumps.


The following items will be provided to patients:

  1. Blankets, sheets, and pillows
  2. Towels 
  3. Daily meals and snacks



Due to the risks associated with some herbal, homeopathic and other similar remedies, Bergen New Bridge Medical Center does not allow supplements and or herbal products into the Acute Inpatient Medical Detox Program.