Quality and Patient and Resident Safety in Health Care

Bergen New Bridge is dedicated to quality and safety in all aspects of patient and resident care. Quality and safety are combined as one of our pillars of excellence to ensure we deliver compassionate and effective patient-centered care, meeting the needs of the community we serve. Our Quality and Patient/Resident Safety team follows best practices and uses evidence based tools to measure the performance of our healthcare providers and staff in their care of patients and residents. Quality measures identify essential aspects of care, such as safety, effectiveness, timeliness, and fairness. 

We are committed to ‘Leading the Way to Zero Harm' every day. By focusing on a culture of safety, our clinicians and support staff do not merely work toward change; they take action to maintain a safe and productive environment. To encourage our physicians, nurses, and staff to share safety information and identify potential safety concerns, our Quality and Patient/Resident Safety team manages our “Don’t Dismiss a Near Miss” awareness program. All staff is encouraged to speak up about potential unsafe practices.

From a quality perspective, the vision of the Quality and Patient/Resident Safety Department at Bergen New Bridge Medical Center is to ensure that our patients receive the right care, with optimum quality, and at an affordable cost. Our vision for quality is consistent with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s (IHI) Triple Aim: to improve the patient and resident experience, to improve the health of populations, specifically those with a Behavioral Health disorder or condition, and to reduce the cost of care.

Furthermore, Bergen New Bridge will continually strive to achieve and sustain:

  1. Patient-Centered Care
  2. Transparency of Patient Care and Corporate Achievement
  3. Quality of Care over Quantity of Care
  4. Access to Care for All County Residents 

Bergen New Bridge’s senior leaders, collaborating with the Quality and Safety team, drive a culture change by demonstrating their commitment to quality, safety, and the resources needed to effect change. Our messages about quality and safety are consistent and sustained, as we are aware it takes a long time for culture to change.  

The Quality and Patient/Resident Safety department continuously monitors activity to ensure the quality and safety of our care. Further, we perform the following to advance our Quality and Safety Program:

  • Follows a Performance Improvement Program Plan, approved by the Senior Leadership and Operating Board 

  • Conduct annual employee education and Culture of Safety focusing on quality and safety measures 

  • Conducts a Culture of Safety Survey of all employees and physicians at least every 24 months 

  • Provide guidance on implementation and adherence to quality and safety policies and procedures. 

  • Reviews and analyzes patient feedback to identify opportunities to improve quality and safety and ensure the best patient and resident outcomes.
  • Oversees rounding on patient care units to support staff and physicians and to identify opportunities for improvement and obtain feedback from staff 

A systematic improvement methodology is utilized to improve processes and services, identify opportunities, establish tangible targets, and implement changes in practice. The Lean Six Sigma Performance Improvement model is a five step, iterative process; tools of the quality journey are used throughout the DMAIC (Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control) process. 


Questions and/or comments QualitySafety@newbridgehealth.org

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