Visiting Bergen New Bridge

Visiting Hours

General Guidelines

We have changed our visitation policies due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We ask patients and visitors to follow the guidelines below. You will find additional information about visiting under the specific service areas below.

  • All visitors must wear a medical-grade mask covering the nose and mouth.
    • Cloth masks are not adequate while in the Medical Center.
    • Gaiters, scarves, bandanas, and masks with exhalation valves or vents are not acceptable.
    • If a visitor does not have an appropriate mask, we will provide one at the screening desk.
  • If a visitor refuses to wear a mask or other PPE as indicated, the individual may not enter the facility.
  • All visitors must undergo symptom and temperature checks upon entering any of our facilities. If visitors have a fever or symptoms, they will not be allowed into the facility. If necessary, they should seek care through their primary care provider or through the Medical Center’s telehealth services.
  • All visitors must perform hand hygiene before and after visiting a patient or resident.
  • Once in the hospital or facility, we ask visitors to remain in the patient’s room, Emergency Department bay, or assigned visitation room as much as possible throughout the visit unless otherwise directed by hospital staff to relocate or leave.
  • Visitors may only visit during the posted visiting hours.
  • Overnight visits are not permitted except:
    • Long Term Care residents
    • When approved by the on-duty Assistant Director of Nursing (ADN), hospice and palliative care patients.
  • All visitors must be 18 years of age or older, except for visiting Long Term Care residents.

Acute Inpatient Care

  • All general guidelines must be followed (see above).
  • Visiting hours are from 12pm to 8pm.
  • One person per patient at a time.
  • Overnight visits are not permitted except for hospice and palliative care patients when approved by the on-duty Assistant Director of Nursing (ADN).

Ambulatory Care Center

  • All general guidelines must be followed (see above).
  • We ask all patients to maintain 6 feet distance while waiting.
  • One person may accompany a patient receiving services at the Ambulatory Care Center.

Ambulatory Surgical Services

  • All general guidelines must be followed (see above).
  • You may have one support person before your procedure until the initial intake process.
  • We will contact a patient’s support person to pick them up after discharge.
  • If we transfer you to inpatient care, your support person or a family member may visit you after arriving on the unit.
  • Currently, overnight visits are not allowed.

Behavioral Health Services

Behavioral Health Inpatient

  • All general guidelines must be followed (see above).
  • Daily including holidays
    • 1:30pm – 2:30pm
    • 7pm – 8pm                
  • Visitors must be age 18 or older. Two (2) visitors per patient during any given visit.
  • All items brought in for a patient must first be given to a staff member for approval.
  • Food or drink may be brought in but must be consumed during the visit and cannot be stored.
  • Patients have the right to refuse visitors.

Behavioral Health Outpatient

  • All general guidelines must be followed (see above).
  • Patients may be accompanied by one adult.
  • Visitors may wait for the patient in the hospital or facility’s designated waiting area (subject to physical space availability) while they have their procedure.

Emergency Department

  • We permit one visitor per adult patient.
  • We permit two parents or guardians 24/7 when the patient is a minor.

Long Term Care

  • All general guidelines must be followed (see above).
  • Indoor visits are permitted without pre-arranged appointments; however, all infection prevention guidelines must be followed throughout the visit.
  • Informed Consent for visits must be signed before the visit. The Informed Consent form only needs to be completed once.
  • All visitors are encouraged to take a rapid COVID-19 antigen test the facility offers before the visit.
  • Outdoor and window visits are by appointment only.
  • Social distancing, no sharing of food/beverages, and appropriate masks are required for each visit.

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